Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I wanna

I want to be able to write well, fluently.
I want to be able to fathom my thoughts and string them into sentences like how they string pearl necklaces.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Late night insecurities

I wish i have a better facial complexion, smoother hair, and not perspire that easily sigh. They said dressing up for school will make you feel better, i tried, but my complexion and hair just ruins the whole thing.. When i'm all dressed up nicely, i will sure perspire on my way to school which will then ruin my hair. My hair is really unpredictable too. It may look nice the moment before i start changing, after that, it gets really ugly and dry. Any form of salvation is just useless. That's why i'm often with an all brushed up pony tail to save my bad hair days. I do wanna let down my hair and look pretty too but sigh, i can never look pretty no matter what. Furthermore, make up doesn't make me look any better, sadly. 

Another part of me tells me I should just embrace myself. But how? 

Plus plus plus, i am not a really nice (i can't think of any other adjectives lol) person anyone would like to have in their clique.. I often think myself as a burden, they would be even better without me. I think i'm not normal at times, like, i'm really weird. Hahaha.

Celine bao's birthday approximately 2 weeks ago! ^-^